Christ-Centered Educational Excellence 

As a parent, you desire the very best for your child in every aspect of their lives, and you want to give them everything they need to become successful adults.  You encourage them to be leaders in their families, in their faith, in their jobs, and in their communities.  CCA aspires to partner with you as we help your student succeed in all of their endeavors!

We believe that education happens in the classroom, on the field, on the stage, in the studio, in the halls and at home.  We provide a rigorous academic standard, but fortify it with a safe, caring, nurturing atmosphere.  We strive for victory in every game, but we stress sportsmanship, teamwork, and perseverance.  We promote excellence in performance, but use the beauty of God's creation as a foundation for every concert, show, and piece of art. Christ's Church Academy is the place where your child will have every opportunity to become their very best.

“Both of our children attended CCA from K-12 grade. They were given such awesome opportunities to excel in academics, athletics, and the arts. It is exciting how a community of people can influence students in such positive ways. Our kids were supported, loved, taught, and encouraged in all areas.”

-CCA Alumni Parents