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Christ-Centered Educational Excellence 

You receive such joy when you hear your child say, "Look at this!" or "Listen to what I can play"!  Whether it's their latest painting, the music piece they've just mastered, or that monologue they finally memorized, your heart jumps when you see their passion.

The fine arts instructors at Christ's Church Academy share in your excitement!  Our music, visual arts and drama teachers are award-winning experts in their respective fields, and they truly love what they teach.  They share their knowledge in encouraging, uplifting ways, set on nurturing the artistic talents of every student.  Most importantly, our fine arts staff contextualizes art within God's creation, plan, and glorification.

Music, Visual Arts, and Drama


Your child can express their musical gifts in many ways at CCA, from elementary music classes to our award-winning Band Program, Orff Mallet Ensemble, and Z-Period praise and worship team.


Your child may or may not be the next DaVinci, but they will still have many opportunities to express themselves creatively at CCA!  In our Visual Arts program, they will draw, paint, sculpt, and more, all while developing an understanding of the principles of design.


Your child most likely spends time dreaming of who they could become and what they could do.  CCA Drama gives them that chance! Not only do our classes develop acting technique, but they employ content that drives home spiritual principles in new, exciting, and relatable ways.